This Little World: A Solo Performance of Shakespeare's Richard II Starring Owen Corey

Presented by The Giddy Round Theatre Company (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Arizona, USA)

Rating: PG
Genre: Theater
Premiere?: Pittsburgh Premiere

In this solo performance adapted from Shakespeare's Richard II actor Owen Corey uses surprising, kinetic body puppetry, and a host of voices and characterizations, to explore a tale of isolation, civil dislocation, political upheaval, and a King's fall from power.

Runtime: 60 minutes.

Show Creator(s): Puppet Direction by Essie Windham. Directed by Matthew Windham. Adapted from Shakespeare by Owen Corey & Matthew Windham.

About the Performer(s):

The Giddy Round creates New Works adapted from Shakespeare and other classic writers, investing those texts with new life and contemporary relevance.

As a U.S. transnational Artist Collective with multidisciplinary roots, a puppet-forward aesthetic, and a globalist-humanist ethos, our influences and techniques are myriad, and our ears always attuned to new ideas.

This Little World: A Solo Performance Adapted From Shakespeare's Richard II is performed by actor/puppeteer Owen Corey, a Philadelphia native, who co-wrote the adaptation. As well as appearing on many Philly-area stages, Owen is a director, teacher, and runs workshops for students ranging from middle school to college.

Times (EDT):
May 6, 2021, 7 p.m.
May 8, 2021, 8 p.m.

Streaming Type: Live

Platform: YouTube


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Fringes performed at:

Living Record Digital Arts Festival, UK

Check out what others are saying:

“A very impressive and innovative performance...”

“Playful. Thoughtful. Highly inventive.”

“Owen Corey gloriously plays Richard stressed to the edge of madness...”

“It is a clever adaption, highly watchable...but most of all the performance of Owen Corey grips the audience, and passes the hour very quickly and enjoyably.”

“A virtuoso performance! A true reflection of lockdown derangement...but also totally believable.”

“A timely adaptation, and a great example of how theatre can adapt to these strange times.”