Love After Death

Presented by Happy/Sad Artist Collective (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Rating: R
Genre: Theater
Premiere?: Pittsburgh Premiere

What happens when love meets anxiety? And OCD? And depression? Join me in this comedic exploration of all the neurotic tendencies and defense mechanisms standing between me and something called happy.

PLEASE NOTE: This show broaches mental health topics, including suicide, which some viewers may be triggered by. Please understand that these topics are handled with every effort to be respectful. It is not the intent of anyone involved with this production to be insensitive or offensive but, rather, to establish a dialogue about these topics in order to promote mental health awareness.

Show Creator(s): Brittany Stahl

About the Performer(s):

Brittany Stahl is a writer and actor, which essentially means that she prefers to spend time with imaginary characters who won’t judge her for wearing leggings, even though we all know they’re not pants. Sometimes though, she puts on pants, ventures into the outside world and gets stuff done before noon. Her short film, Some Monsters, won a Jury Award for Best Narrative Short at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth in April 2016. Some Monsters was also selected for screening as part of Point Park University’s 2016 LA Showcase. Brittany premiered Daddy Walks Like A Slut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2017 and Walk of Shame at the Short+Sweet Hollywood Festival in July 2017. Her one-woman show, Love After Death, premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018 and had another run at Solofest 2020. Brittany is delighted to present Love After Death in her hometown. Go Steelers!

Times (EDT):
Available On-Demand May 6th through May 9th!

Streaming Type: On-Demand

Platform: Vimeo


Suggested Donations that will go toward mental health charities.

Information on how to donate will be available on Vimeo where you will be watching the show. This link to Vimeo will be available starting March 6th, then all May!

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Fringes performed at:

Hollywood Fringe Festival,
Pittsburgh Fringe

Check out what others are saying:

"This show was a breath taking by means of punching right in the gut. Funny, clever and heart breaking, it tears you to pieces but manages to sew you up in the end."

"Love After Death was a series of monologues written and performed by Brittany Stahl. It tackled themes of relationships, love, and mental health in a night of introspection. As a writer, Stahl offers relatable moments that the audience can easily understand and feel, and then compounds them with complexity and gives insight to the mind of one who suffers from various emotional maladies. Many aspects of the show are minimal: the set, the lighting, the costumes. In doing so, the audience is left to focus on Stahl's lyrical prose and sharp performance. Rather than portraying pain as a wound inflicted by a wild ax, Stahl deftly makes the audience understand it as a quick internal slice that slowly festers. It's subtle and effective and beautiful."